“Retired Preacher”

I’m sticking a fork in this one and calling it done.  This handsome subject presented a few hurdles which turned out to be a bit more challenging than first anticipated.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will recognize this image.  It’s the same painting with a few tweaks.  Initially, I thought his right eye was too high (I wished that were the case).  Turns out the entire lower half of his face needed to be shifted ‘left’.

There were a few minor adjustments as well.  The crown of the head needed a little fattening up along with his left cheek.  Of course, that required me to repaint his left ear, which actually came out better, I think.

Here is the previous version:

“Retired Preacher” 10 x 12 oil on panel

Was it really necessary to redo all that work?  This is not a commission piece so who’s gonna know, right?  You could argue either way but I like to do my best to get an accurate likeness.  It’s sort of a personal challenge for me to test my draftsmanship.

All in all he was a wonderful subject!  Just look at the character of those features!  The wisdom of the years is upon that brow and oh, the things those eyes must have seen …



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