So, What’s on your easel?


This is the latest study in my pursuit to work ‘looser’.  I set it aside to dry before the next step and it’s been a week so it should be ready by tomorrow.  As you can see much of the dark paint has sunken in (i.e. it has a dull almost chalky look) and appears lighter in value than it really is.  I will need to ‘oil out’ those areas before I proceed in order to get the relationships right.  Here’s a short video put out by our wonderful friends at Winsor & Newton Paints describing and demonstrating the process:


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    • Hi Sandy! Thanks for the comment. The background is actually too dark. That’ll need a bit more work. It’s the vase and the area around it that really need the oiling out process. Once I do that I’ll be able to see how I should mix my colors for the other stuff I plan to add.

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